How to Clean Vinyl Floors and Make Them Shine

Vinyl flooring, popular since the 1960s, has several advantages. It is inexpensive, comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and is relatively easy to care for. Over time the original finish will wear off from cleaning and every day wear. Here’s how to clean vinyl floors and keep them new-looking for years to come.

A vinyl floor’s worst enemies are dirt and chemicals, so protect it from both by removing your shoes upon entering your home. Any chemical, such as asphalt, that clings to shoes will cause the floor to discolor. Have everyone who lives in and visits your home remove their shoes at the door. How to clean vinyl floors includes these tips and tricks:

Place floor mats and area rugs in doorways and high-traffic areas.

Sweep frequently, or use a dry mop or light vacuum cleaner (without the beater bar).

If you have vinyl flooring in your bathroom, you may have a buildup of hairspray. The way to remove the hairspray is just the same as you do with your hair: shampoo. Mix a few drops of shampoo with warm water in a mop bucket, mop, then rinse with plain warm water. Use two different mops, to minimize the amount of soap residue.

Wipe up spills right away. Any spots or spills you can’t reach with the vacuum cleaner, you can take care of with a damp mop or rag. If you’re using a commercially made cleaner, rinse afterward, even if the label says you don’t need to.

Don’t use more water than necessary. Although vinyl is waterproof, an excess of water can seep into the seams and around the edges, causing the glue to weaken and the edges to curl.

Don’t use “mop and shine” products.

Use colorfast felt circles on the feet of furniture. Do not use rolling casters—they will damage the surface of the floor.

If you need to move heavy objects such as appliances or large furniture across the floor, and you cannot lift them, do not drag them. Place pieces of plywood to create a “path” to slide your items on to their new destination.

Shining Vinyl Floors

clean and shiny vinyl floors image

How to clean vinyl floors and make them shine? Vinyl floor cleaners are not designed to make vinyl floors shine. “No wax” means you cannot wax it because wax will not adhere to the coating on the floor, leaving you with a sticky mess you will have to strip off. In order to make your vinyl floor shine, you will need to use a floor restorer made to restore the sheen that eventually wears away on vinyl flooring. Pro Shot® Floor Restorer will make vinyl shine like new, and not only that, it also will leave it much easier to keep clean. It is easy to apply and the shine will last months and months. It is UL-listed for slip resistance, quick-drying, and petroleum-free, so there’s no smelly fumes.